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Holistic and Wellness Program

Published on 17 September 2018

Our Coastal MS Non Profit, Living with MS on the Central Coast (LMSCC) is initiating by stages a comprehensive Holistic and Wellness Program tailored to your Life Goals and covering, Exercise, Nutrition, Stress and Lifestyle Management. You set the pace and goals and provide feedback as to how it its working. This program based on over 15 years of research and coaching by TJ Fortuna (see his invitation below) has been tailored to folks with MS who are heat sensitive and incorporates some of the latest beneficial wellness/lifestyle information from studies by MS researchers. TJ has received effusive thanks and testimonials that his program has changed people’s lives for the better from many of his clients.

A Pilot for this program will be held Saturday September 29 at AC4 Gym at the La Cumbre Plaza, 1PM-2:30PM. See invitation below for Details:

I urge you to sign up, show up, workout, learn, have refreshments and fun. Please RSVP to TJ Fortuna This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 661.565.6300 no later than Monday, September 24,
Also let us know if you need transportation, we may be able to arrange it.

Thank you

- Mike Jack
(805) 886-3000


Invitation from TJ

Workout and Smoothies!!!

Come join me for a workout Saturday, September 29th at 1 pm

We even have Backyard Bowls providing healthy and TASTY smoothies for our post-workout nutrition. YESSS!!

Its been awhile since I’ve seen you guys so come learn some new exercises. Ask questions about fitness and how to improve it. Also, get a chance to see your friends in our LMSCC group. (You guys ROCK!)

Here’s the breakdown:

Location: AC4 Fitness (3883 La Cumbre Plaza Ln, Santa Barbara)
Date: Saturday, September 29th (one of my fav days of the year!)
Time: 1pm (please try to be there on time!)
Cost: $5 (which includes a smoothie after your workout)
Instructors: TJ & Sean (plus volunteers helpers)

More Details: MS is an auto-immune disease that attacks the central nervous system. Through my own independent research I've seen the symptoms exacerbated when the body is under too much stress. The program I have designed is to help you manage your overall systemic stress. I want to put you back in control of your body and help you find that self-love and self-care you body wants so much.

This program is a pilot for the newest Holistic Wellness program offered in Santa Barbara by Fortuna Fitness. The complete program includes many aspects off fitness including: Exercise, Nutrition, Stress Management, and Lifestyle Modifications.

Join me and let’s work together to help you get to your healthiest, happiest YOU!

TJ Fortuna 661.565.6300 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.