Arroyo Grande

MONTHLY - 2nd Tuesdays - 6pm - 8pm

via Zoom during the pandemic

contacts: Carl Deriso & Sarah Kirwin


MONTHLY - 3rd Fridays - 12pm - 1:30pm

Goleta Valley Community Ctr, 5679 Hollister Ave, 93117

contact: Mike Jack

Thousand Oaks

MONTHLY - 2nd Thursdays - 1pm - 3pm

Goebel Adult Community Ctr, 1385 E Janss Rd

contact: Darlene Feigen -


MONTHLY - 3rd Fridays - 11:30am - 1pm

Denny's Restaurant, 4095 Telegraph Rd. (via teleconf during pandemic)

contacts: Donna Nowland (Co-Leader)

My Health StudioThe My Heath Studio Gym in Thousand Oaks is designed and built specifically for people with MS. Visit

The following are resources for neuropathic pain control.


A great phone app with interactive instruction and psychological techniques for managing pain.

Explain Pain

This is a fantastic book that explains how pain works in your body, central nervous system, and brain. The audiobook version is even better yet as the book was co-authored by two Australian neurologists, and the authors engage in a friendly audible discussion. Understanding how pain works is very helpful in understanding how to manage it. This book is not inexpensive; the audiobook is probably more affordable, but it might need to be purchased directly from the author's website.

The Medical Cannabis Primer

This is a book written in easy-to-understand language that provides A to Z information about how to use cannabis to address medical problems.

UCSF Pain Management Center

University of California, San Francisco has psychologists who specialize in pain management, and they understand people with MS. Your first appointment might be required to be made in person, so it might be a big commitment to make it to downtown San Francisco (next to the UCSF Hospital). Subsequent appointments can be made by telemedicine. They take health insurance.