Arroyo Grande

MONTHLY - 2nd Tuesdays - 6pm - 8pm

via Zoom during the pandemic

contacts: Carl Deriso & Sarah Kirwin


MONTHLY - 3rd Fridays - 12pm - 1:30pm

Goleta Valley Community Ctr, 5679 Hollister Ave, 93117

contact: Mike Jack

Thousand Oaks

MONTHLY - 2nd Thursdays - 1pm - 3pm

Goebel Adult Community Ctr, 1385 E Janss Rd

contact: Darlene Feigen -


MONTHLY - 3rd Fridays - 11:30am - 1pm

Denny's Restaurant, 4095 Telegraph Rd. (via teleconf during pandemic)

contacts: Donna Nowland (Co-Leader)

My Health StudioThe My Heath Studio Gym in Thousand Oaks is designed and built specifically for people with MS. Visit

Assessment tools are a key to provide you with the tools needed to help you understand and assess treatment options to managing MS effectively.

MS Assessment Tool

Using this tool, you will compare your scores from six months ago with today. After you receive your assessment score, it’s critical to take your results to your doctor and discuss them thoroughly, as other tests and evaluations may be needed.

Common and Less Common Symptoms

Over the course of the disease, some symptoms will come and go, while others may be more lasting.  If you suspect you may have MS, please consult a neurologist who specializes in MS.

Questions to Ask Your Health Care Team

Be sure to print your questions and bring them with you to your next doctor's appointment.